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Shirley Serviss

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Shirley Serviss spent three weeks this summer on a pilgrimage from Edmonton, Alberta to Flett Springs Cemetery in north central Saskatchewan. The pilgrimage is the framework for a memoir she is writing and illustrating during the residency. The significance of Flett Springs Cemetery to Ms. Serviss is that it is where her family members are buried and a place she considers sacred. The final manuscript will establish her as a non-fiction writer as well as a poet.


Artist biography: Shirley Serviss has a Bachelor of Art in creative writing from the University of Alberta and received her Master of Theological Studies degree from St. Stephen’s College in 1997. Ms. Serviss has published three collections of poetry and co-edited an anthology of women's writing about depression. Her most recent poetry collection, Hitchhiking in the Hospital (Inkling Press, 2005), is based on her experience as a poet in the Artists on the Wards program at the University of Alberta Hospital. Her articles, poetry and personal essays have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies. She gives readings and presentations about arts in healthcare throughout Canada and the United States. In addition, she teaches writing courses for the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension and MacEwan College.

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