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Sarah Cullen

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Sarah Cullen proposes to create, document, and publish alternative methods of charting geography. Ms. Cullen has developed a pencil pendulum drawing/mapping device that captures her movement in graphite on a piece of paper. The maps are readings of physical movement through a space. She would like to film the drawings/mapping process during their rendering by fashioning a camera onto the device filming the pencil’s movement. She intends to explore areas of Banff with the charting device to create unconventional guide books or pamphlets for general public visiting Banff.


Artist biography: Sarah Cullen has completed her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005. In her last year of her studies, Ms. Cullen participated in a Self-Directed Study program in Florence, Italy with a studio associated with OCAD. Since graduating, she has had a number of exhibitions in Toronto. Her most recent shows were at the Conflux Festival in New York City, and at Gallery 44 in Toronto. Ms. Cullen has been involved in a numerous publications including; “Maps” printed by House Press in Calgary and a Pilot Pocket Book in which she was a contributor in 2007. Currently she is employed as part-time at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

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