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Sarah Badran

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Ms. Badran proposes to examine the relationship between the natural and the manmade.  Her work discusses issues regarding waste, consumerism and bridging the gap between inside and outside elements.  She will be producing work both inside and outside the studio.  Ms. Badran would like to produce sculpture spaces that represent natural elements inside her studio with plaster that will create a new natural manufactured studio.


Artist biography: Sarah Badran is currently residing in Montreal where she is in her second year of her Master of Fine Art Studio Specialization degree at Concordia University.  She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Waterloo in 2004 with a specialization in sculpture.  Ms. Badran has exhibited throughout Ontario from 2003-2004.  She has had two shows in Montreal in 2007 titled The Post Card Show at Red Bird Studios in February and Compression at Art Mur in March.   Ms. Badran has received an award from the Japanese Paper Palace for the most innovative use of materials in her work, Metamorphosis.

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