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Laura Hargrave

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Laura Hargrave proposes to combine the experience in “walking as a form of art and research” with her interest in creating external memory devices such as a full-body “walking memory suit.”  The garment will appropriate the inability of any one form of recording with the intent to capture the complete walking experience.  She will construct different recording devices such as a satchel for ceramic breadcrumbs, external organizers for sketching materials, landmark registry cards and a hiking passport.   The complete project will be an exaggerated look at recording one’s walking experiences for purpose and recall.


Artist biography: Laura Hargrave completed her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Victoria in 1981. Since 1990, Ms. Hargrave has been a full-time instructor at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C. and is currently on assisted leave in order to complete her Master in Fine Art from the University of Regina.  She has been exhibiting since 1981.  In 2005, she was part of a number of exhibitions; “Above and Below Earthworks” at the Comox Valley Art Gallery, B.C., “Survival/Balance” at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam, B.C. and “Urban Insights” at the Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops in association with CURA (Community University Research Alliance).  She has received grants for the production of artist’s walking journals and artwork for other urban areas, such as Coquitlam and Don Mills, Ontario. 



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