Welcome to our Walking and Art Residency wiki!


Here you will find details about the artists who participated in the Walking and Art residency at Banff Centre of Art (17 September - 2 November, 2007). Along with a short biography, there are details of the work in which they are currently involved. There are also links to their own websites and details of how you can contact them. Scroll down the page to find out more about the residency and Banff Centre of Art. January 2017: 10 years on we are looking to bring about a reunion and update the biographies here with current news.



Ernie Kroeger Studio Fellow

Sarah Badran

Rebecca Birch

Wendi Copeland

Sarah Cullen

Anne Devine

Dennis Evans

Elvira Finnigan

Ken Giles

Jen Hamilton, Chris St. Amand and Jen Southern of Satellite Bureau

Laura Hargrave

Becky Ip

Denis Lessard

Barbara Lounder

Kelly Lycan

Riaz Mehmood

Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni

Ainslie Murray

Sue Pedley

Perdita Phillips

Shirley Serviss

Trudi Smith

Andrew Stuck

Leslie Thompson

Renato Vitic

Elinor Whidden

Maria Whiteman and Imre Szeman


Walking, one of the most basic of human activities has long been both inspiration and subject of exploration for artists. Whether the location is rural, urban, interior or imaginative, walking continues to stimulate. Now, more than ever, we are witnessing burgeoning activity in this surprisingly rich and interdisciplinary field. Walking is a central element and driving force in many art practices, in current writing, theoretical investigation, and curatorial projects. From the haikus of Basho to Baudelaire’s theory of the "flâneur" to the current interest in psychogeography, walking continues to animate contemporary art practice.


Banff and the Rocky Mountains with its surrounding network of trails, history, and culture of walking, provide the ideal context for further exploration of this subject. The Walking and Art residency welcomes artists, writers, and curators, who wish to pursue their practice, create new work, present and discuss ideas, and of course, walk.