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Achille's heel


Beating the bounds

Choose the right path

Cock of the walk

Dead man's shoes

Dead man's walk

Diamonds on the soles of my shoes

Dragging your feet


Dromomaniac ( a descenter from the ancien regime, or in psychiatry - the compulsive desire to walk or wander

Finding your feet

First footing

Flat footed


Get lost


Hit the road

Hump your bluey

Leave a trail of breadcrumbs

Let your fingers do the walking


Make tracks

Management by walking around - MBWA


Moving on


Off the beaten track

On co peta ne sketa

On the road again

On the skids

on the wallaby track

On the wrong path

On your hands and knees

One step forward, three steps back


Pacing the 'boards

Path not taken

Pounding the pavement

Power walking

Put one foot in front of the other

Put your best foot forward

Retrace your steps

Road less travelled

Shoe horned

Shoe in

Side step

Side track

Side tracked

Skid row

Sleep walking

Someone just walked over my grave

Starting off on the right foot

Step by step

Step in the right direction

Step on a crack, break your mother's back

Stepping on people's toes

Stomping ground


Talk the walk

Take a hike!

Take a ling walk on a short pier

Tip toe

These shoes are made for walking

To walk a mile in someone's shoes

Up my street

Walk a fine line

Walk a thousand miles for one of your smiles

Walk all over somebody

Walk down mempry lane

Walk like a zombie

Walk on by

Walk on crosswalk

Walk on the wild side

Walk softly and carry a big stick

Walk the plank

Walk the straight and narrow

Walk the talk

Walking a tightrope

Walking encyclopaedia

Walking in circles

Walking on air

Walking on clouds

Walking on egg shells

Walking on hot coals

Walking on pine needles

Walking on tip toe

Walking on water

Walking out on..

Walking papers

Walking the dog

Walking with the wind in your face

Walking with the wind on your back

Walks of life

Zombie's walk



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