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Barbara Lounder

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A walking stick is a physical object and a metaphor for a moving object.  Barbara Lounder intends to employ a looser and more metaphorical association with the term “walking stick.”   She will create a number of walking sticks as human-scaled sculptural objects based on the history and craft of these aides along with personal experiences gained from local Banff trails.  They will be situated in an installation, an ornamental openwork surface in which she will inscribe textual elements that will recount personal experiences and social contexts of walking.  


Artist biography: Barbara Lounder received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Queen’s University in 1980 and a Master of Fine Art degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1984.  Her artwork has been exhibited across Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Poland and Germany.  Ms. Lounder has received many grants and awards from the Canada Council for the Art in the form of production, travel and short term funding.  In addition to exhibiting her work, Ms. Lounder had written reviews and catalogue essays on the work of other contemporary Canadian artists.  She began teaching at NSCAD University in 1986 and since 2002 has been the Dean. 

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