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Anne Devine

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ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: San Francisco-based artist ANNE DEVINE originates site-specific distance walking performances and public walks. In 1993 she founded the nonprofit collective GreenScene Media to promote creative combinations of environmental information and popular culture. Anne first came to the Rocky Mountains as a Banff Centre Visual Arts participant in 1987. She later lived in Missoula, MT while attending graduate school for Environmental Studies at University of Montana. She holds a BFA in Visual Art (Photography, Film & Video) from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University and an MFA in Fine Arts (Social Practice) from California College of the Arts.




Return : 1987 – 2007 is a series of explorations investigating the fluid boundaries between the past and the present, sited around Banff and the area’s natural environs. Using walking as the primary medium, themes explored include: memory and loss, reunion and communication with the absent, and a return to nature. Creative inspiration for this body of work resides in the collision of events and tragedies occurring between 1987 – 2007, specifically with consideration to the inspiration of artist Ingrid Muan (1965-2005) and musician Bruce Cockburn . . . a friend lost and a friend gained.






My work is often about collaboration.  I am research oriented, and find myself frequently motivated initially by concept and process.  I create work by building on concrete experience and active experimentation. A central theme of my work is loss and remembrance, most often visibly applied to larger scale projects I design which examine one’s relation to the environment and nature.  Since the spring of 2006 my art practice manifests itself regularly in the medium of walking.  Most walks are created to engage the public in some way, depending on the location and other specifics.


The underlying, deep-rooted methodology of my life work incorporates art as the medium for an experimental approach to environmental education of the general public. To that end, I am very driven to create public art, and to create works that exist outside of the traditional gallery and museum setting. It is here, I believe, that new audiences are “found” . . . out in the everyday world which they inhabit.









artist interview: www.talkingwalking.net

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