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A proposal for Walk21

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Walk21 Barcelona, October 7-10, 2008  A proposal


Walking, one of the most basic of human activities has long been both inspiration and subject of exploration for artists. Whether the location is rural, urban, interior or imaginative, walking continues to stimulate. Now, more than ever, we are witnessing burgeoning activity in this surprisingly rich and interdisciplinary field. Walking is a central element and driving force in many art practices, in current writing, theoretical investigation, and curatorial projects. From the haikus of Basho to Baudelaire’s theory of the "flâneur" to the current interest in psychogeography, walking continues to animate contemporary art practice.



From September 17 to November 2, 2007, 30 artists came together in the Visual Arts Department of the internationally renowned Banff Centre and the Rocky Mountains with its surrounding network of trails, history, and culture of walking, provided the ideal context for further exploration of this subject.


The ‘Walking and Art’ residency welcomes artists, architects, urban planners and writers, who used the residency to pursue their practice, create new work, present and discuss ideas, and of course, walk.


For the Walk21 conference in Barcelona we would like to propose that you consider including art activities.  Four possible ways in which artists can contribute to and participate in the conference include presentations, art exhibitions, participatory projects and workshops.



  1. Presentations - many of the artists from the residency are academics and teachers in art, literature or the built environment, and some are undertaking post-graduate research around walking.  A collaborative presentation could include a report of the Banff ‘Walking and Art’ residency, the works created during the residency, and how art has a role in promoting everyday walking.
  2. Art projects - these could be exhibits, installations, performances, photography, video - several of the artists on the residency will be contacting the conference organisers to propose their own art projects to the conference organisers, some may also offer responses to the city and to the Walk21 conference - each in their own way will show how art is a key element in promoting everyday walking.
  3. Participatory projects / performances with city residents & conference delegates as part of the conference proceedings - artists from the residency could help conference organisers explore opportunities for setting up a short walking and art residency in Barcelona.
  4. Workshops - the residency brought together international artists and experts working in different media who individually and together explored walking.  They could contribute to the conference by offering master classes or workshops to conference delegates and city residents concurrent with the conference or in the run-up to the conference.



Ernie Kroeger

November 1, 2007


Looking for background information on Barcelona? - check out PLANUM The online magazine and international network dedicated to urban planning, territorial development and architecture: In the 'Archive' section four movies covering twenty years of  BARCELONA's

transformations  (from 1979 to 2004) The short series of documentaries, with their technical schedule and four reviews  describe  the programme that  city authorities had launched  to create a constant and guided rapport with the public. An essay by Leonardo  Ciacci (editor of this section) introduces the feature. http://www.planum.net/archive/movies.htm

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